Welcome to the first-ever Mia Kitchens and Bathrooms blog! Here at Mia, we pride ourselves on our integrity, work ethic and eye for style. To introduce you to our amazing business, we thought we would start by telling you about the different services we offer.

Read on to find out how to Love the Way You Live….

The extension… can’t face it? Great when it’s done but it can often feel like a long, difficult journey to the finished product. Not with Mia! Installing your extension with Mia Kitchens and Bathrooms is a seamless process. We deliver designs and installations of the highest standard and only use the best materials and contractors. This is how we make sure that any unnecessary ‘hiccups’ and delays are avoided. Most importantly of course, we always clean up after ourselves… so you won’t find a pile of dusty materials sitting in your garden after we leave (we know you’ve all been there!)

Just think of all that wasted space above your head… yes, we mean that big dusty loft. Only fit for housing Christmas decorations and that ski suit you wore once 10 years ago. It could be a peaceful office hidden away from noisy kids. Or perhaps those noisy kids need room to grow; time for an extra bedroom?

We also offer garage conversions – perfect for your at-home gym, a relaxing summer house or ‘living quarters’ for your 20-something offspring who is showing no signs of flying the nest. Hardly anyone keeps their cars in garages anymore, so instead of using it as a dumping ground for old sports kit and cardboard boxes, give it the love it deserves. Done right (and at Mia we always do it right), it could feel like you’ve built an extension for a fraction of the price.

In recent years, our business has grown into supplying office furniture. We love helping business owners ensure they are welcoming clients into a space that’s as professional as their business. Your office should reflect your brand; are you a bold and bright marketing firm? Then let’s add some colour to your office furnishings. Creating eco-focussed products? Perhaps a relaxed atmosphere with lots of earthy colours is more your style. It is important to us that your beautifully re-vamped office reflects your business accurately and most importantly, impresses your clients.

One of our office specialties is high quality reception desks. This is first thing people will see when they enter your building and as we know, first impressions matter.

Don’t just Love the Way You Live, Love the Way You Work!

Full Renovations
Looking for a complete overhaul? Let’s get stuck in. We carry out renovations on all types of buildings including offices and residential rooms. No matter the size of the project we can help your realise your interior design dreams. Undertaking a renovation gives you the opportunity to create consistent style throughout your home or office. We can help you get that ‘flow’ (much talked about on interior design shows), so that you can sail smoothly from room to room.

Here are just a few of the benefits of undertaking a renovation project:

  • Increasing the property value – great if you are thinking of selling
  • Making your home more eco-friendly
  • Restoring the character of an older home
  • Repurposing your property for tenants

Kitchens and Bathrooms
And of course, we do what is says on the tin. This is where it all started, re-designing the place people eat and the place people… bathe!

The kitchen really is the heart of the home. It’s where you cook up your signature spaghetti bolognese or sit by the window with your morning coffee. Where you help your kids with their homework (pretending you know the the answers yourself) and where you spend a rainy Sunday baking brownies. You want to make this space both comfortable and functional but… it’s definitely the ‘show off’ room. There is no greater pleasure than hearing house guests exclaim; ‘Oh wow you have a gorgeous kitchen!’ Mia can make that happen.

Of course, the delight of hearing them say ‘your bathroom is so lovely’, comes in at a close second. With bathrooms, our Polish heritage really comes into its own. Poland has much stricter regulations about the materials you can use within your bathrooms compared with the UK. This is important as bathrooms can so easily develop damp and leaks can occur. Very expensive to resolve and can even be dangerous, particularly with upstairs bathrooms. The materials we use are always of the very highest quality ensuring that your bathrooms stay watertight and beautiful for much, much longer.

Bathroom Renovation

Why choose Mia?

  • Our owners have 20 years of experience and knowledge in designing and fitting a variety of interiors.
  • We use the highest quality products and materials from trusted suppliers.
  • Attention to detail – we will never claim to be the fastest. We believe in taking the time to do things right. We never cut corners and we always take every care over all our projects, big or small.
  • We have a full range of service and specialists at our disposal including gas technicians, electricians, plumbers, tilers, joiners and builders meaning we manage every aspect of your project.
  • We have an impressive arsenal of state-of-the-art machinery and tools. This is vital in ensuring that every element of a job is done efficiently, cleanly and cost effectively.
  • Our proud Polish heritage has afforded us a fantastic, unstoppable work ethic.
  • Our design experience – our ethos is to build smooth and balanced spaces that suit the character of the building. We always consider your needs and look to give your home or office maximum functionality and comfort.
  • We offer 3D modelling so you can see your finished design before we start. We can modify the design until you are 100% satisfied.

Now here we must apologies. We know you are now looking around thinking about all the things you’d like to improve. All we can say to that is, there’s no time like the present! So go on, give us a call. It’s time to Love the Way You Live.