“I was so pleased that they respected my home, never leaving anything untidy or dirty. They wanted to provide a high standard of finish, with everything completed to perfection” – Clair

At MIA Kitchens and Bathrooms, we know how important it is to leave your home clean and tidy after our work. We think it’s pretty crazy that so many in the home improvement and construction industries are happy to leave equipment, dust, rubbish or even discarded parts of walls, lying around in people’s homes or gardens. It is something we will never do.

Having said that… we do get a little help with this from time to time! Especially on big jobs like office conversions or home extensions which can create a lot of mess. In recent years we have formed a fantastic partnership with Solve Cleaning Service Ltd. Solve Cleaning Service Ltd have been keeping the West of Scotland sparkling since 2016. Like us, they provide a great, personal service and they can clean everything from a small flat to industrial construction sites. They look after more than 35 restaurants, pubs and offices around Glasgow and they have recently been contracted to support the renovations of the John Lewis building in Edinburgh.

Their saying is “We all mess up! Here to clean, not to judge”. Read on to find out about all the different services the team provides.

Construction Site Cleaning
Solve Cleaning Service Ltd have a team of highly trained ‘after builder cleaners’ who specialise in the products and techniques needed to clean industrial sites and buildings after they have been renovated. Anyone who has been involved in either, knows that there is A LOT of dust which is bad for your lungs and bad for business. They can get the place looking fresh again in no time.

Industrial cleaning, before and after

Domestic Cleaning
Yes Solve Cleaning Service Ltd do the big jobs, but they do the little jobs too. So if you are looking for a weekly or fortnightly cleaner to visit your home, give us a phone. Perhaps you just want an annual deep clean or your carpets shampooed – whatever your home desires, Solve Cleaning Service Ltd can help. 

Student Accommodation Cleaning
Solve Cleaning Service Ltd’s domestic services extend to student accommodation too. Many formal student housing contracts include professional cleaning within the agreement. With so many student accommodation sites popping up around Glasgow, things are getting pretty competitive. Bad reviews from your students could really have a negative impact on your business. That is why it is vital you uphold your end of the deal, no matter how messy those students are! Solve Cleaning Service Ltd has plenty of staff ready to take on a large contract of this nature.

College, University, Student accommodation cleaning

Marble and Terrazzo 
Marble and Terrazzo, commonly used as the flooring in supermarkets, needs special care and attention if it is to continue to look its best. Solve Cleaning Service Ltd have the right equipment and products to keep these floors gleaming like new. No-one likes dull marble!

Pubs and Restaurants 
When pubs and restaurants start to re-open as the COVID-19 restrictions ease, the expectations on how clean they should be will be much higher and there may even be increased legal hygiene requirements. Solve Cleaning Service Ltd specialise in working with pubs and restaurants, and support many across Glasgow. They go above and beyond the standards set out in the legislation. Dirty venues have always been a way to risk losing customers, but now there is a safety element in the mix, it is even more important to employ the very best cleaners for your hospitality venue.

Bar, Hospitality Cleaning Services

Sports and Yoga Clubs
Just like the hospitality sector, sports clubs and yoga centres will face increased regulations and standards. Lots of sweaty people creates a breeding ground for germs so regular cleaning is a must. Solve Cleaning Service Ltd can also administer protective coatings onto your gym equipment to ensure that they fight germs throughout the day.

End of Tenancy Cleaning
If you are a landlord or letting agent looking to bring in new tenants, it is really important you employ professional cleaners before they move in. Otherwise, you could sour the relationship with your tenants from the word go. The more you take care of your tenants, the more likely they are to take care of your property.

Or perhaps you are a tenant moving out and you are want to make sure your full deposit is returned. Hiring private cleaners is a way to ensure no complaints from your landlord (on the cleanliness at least!) 

Business and Domestic cleaning

For projects where we know we will need the expertise of our friends at Solve Cleaning Service Ltd, we include this in the price – its all part of the great service that Mia Kitchen and Bathrooms provides. They have a high level of public liability insurance, they follow regulations to the letter, risk assess everything and make sure their clients and staff are protected at all times. We trust them fully to finish the job to the highest standard, keeping our clients happy. 

So no matter what you do, keep it clean folks! It’s time to Love the Way You Live.

Industrial, construction site cleaning