Do you have a small kitchen but big interior design dreams? Then creating the illusion of a larger space is definitely on your mind. At Mia Kitchens and Bathrooms we take the layout and design of your kitchen very seriously. Our goal is to create a beautiful, functional room that really makes you Love the Way you Live. Read on for some great design tips to make your kitchen look and feel more spacious.

1. Wall Colour

This may seem obvious, but go for light coloured walls as black or bold colours can be claustrophobic. The trade off is that very light walls show up dirt and food easily which  can be less than ideal in a busy kitchen! So maybe consider a light blue or green rather than pure white. And don’t forget you can get, durable paints which withstand regular wiping and cleaning. Dulux and Crown both have a range which could be the perfect solution. 

What if you really want a pop of colour in your kitchen? Use bolder paints, but try using them higher up – almost like a feature wall that runs just below the ceiling. Or paint the ceiling itself. The contrast of light walls with a bold colour above will draw the eyes up and make the room feel taller. Patterns work for this too.

White walls small kitchen

2. Mirrors and Reflective Surfaces

A mirror might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you are designing your kitchen, but they can really make a room feel bigger. You could opt for a floor length mirror on one wall like in the photo below.

Reflective surfaces have the same effect. Think glass cabinets, glass panelled doors, reflective backsplashes, glossy paints – even reflective shiny floors!

You can apply this theory to your appliances and decorations which sit on your surfaces and shelves. Shiny coppers and metallic designs are great for your pots and pans as are white and black gloss toasters and kettles. 

Small kitchen bigger

3. Slimming Down your Fridge

If there are only one or two of you in the house or flat, you might not actually need a standard size fridge. Opt for a slimmer design to leave more floor space.

4. To Island or not to Island?

Yes, we all LOVE an island counter, but you have to really think about whether or not you have the space for it. If you try to squash it in, you are going to spend too much time getting frustrated with the blockade in the middle of your kitchen…… and you will constantly be rubbing bruised hips! 

If you do opt for an island counter, you could have it attached to a wall instead of stand-alone in the middle of the room.  Make sure that it has in built storage to make the most of the space – this could mean you can cut down the size of your cabinets to compensate. Pair the counter with small stools – some island counter designs will allow you to tuck these neatly underneath while not in use.

5. Built in and Compact Appliances

A large microwave takes up a lot of extra surface space so it is a good idea to have a microwave built into your cabinets. Make it a ‘combo’ microwave which also includes an oven and a grill, meaning that this and your main oven is all you need. Most dishwashers are built in as standard, but just like when choosing your fridge, ask yourself if you need a full-size dishwasher or if a mini one will do? Similarly choose your washing machine wisely! 

Make a small kitchen bigger

6. High and Low Storage

Elongate your cabinets closer to the ceiling to give more storage space and make the room feel taller. If height is a challenge for you keep your least used items in the top shelves or better yet, have an open space without cabinet doors at the top and fill it with plants and decorations to draw the eyes upwards.

Another way to draw the eyes up is to store utensils on a rail above your sink or below cabinets – this is also a great storage space saver.

Hidden kickboard pull out drawers can be used for storing wide pans. The more storage you can create within a vertical line, the less cabinets you will need overall which means more floor space.

7. Shelves instead of closed cabinets

Shelving takes up less space and creates a more open feel compared with cabinets. You also have much more flexibility on where you can put shelving within the room. For instance, if you have dining a table against a wall, you could install the shelves on the wall above the table. Place your flower vase and condiments on the shelves allowing you have a smaller table.

Clever kitchen designs

8. Lighting

Natural lighting is always the best solution to create the feeling of space within a room, so if you can, have large windows. You could install a sky light if you happen to live in a bungalow. Glass doors also let light flow through your home. 

Use spotlights above your worktops which will work particularly well on reflective surfaces to enhance their room boosting properties… it also makes food prep much easier!

9. Choosing your floor Tiling

Large floor tiles which are light coloured and reflective will make the room feel bigger. Stay away from busy patterns or designs; a beige, marble effect tile would be ideal here. Also think about how you lay the tiles. A standard straight grid will work well but laying your tiles in a diagonal pattern can make a room feel longer.

10. Petite Furnishings

If you have a dining set in your kitchen, keep it petite! However, don’t compromise on comfort as many people spend a couple of hours each day sitting at their kitchen table. You can attach the table to your wall or keep it in one corner rather than have it sitting right in the middle of the room. Another option would be a fold down table to give you extra space out-with mealtimes. 

Small furnishing kitchen

Hopefully this blog has given you some great hints and tips on how to make your little kitchen feel large. If you are thinking of making a change, here at Mia Kitchens and Bathrooms we have years of experience in designing beautiful kitchens which our clients fall in love with. Get in touch for a chat. It’s time to Love the Way you Live!